Smart Phone Review: The Droid

Two months ago, before I renewed my contract with Verizon, I started to look at different smart phones on-line and in the store. I knew I wanted to upgrade from my Samsung i760 which was a great windows mobile phone two years ago, but is not pretty and completely outdated by now. In starting my quest, I looked at some of the typical benchmarks, like camera quality, touchscreen capability, and keyboard comfortability.

Droid Picture


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Spring Break 2010: Cali, AZ, UCB, and other adventures

Man, this spring break was a trip. It all started on Friday night in Boston on March 5th and by the time it was said and done when I returned on the 14th, I had spent significant time in all three U.S. times zones, been to five different airports, delayed a total of 4 hours on separate occasions, unlocked three foursquare badges, eaten out in 10 different restaurants, played racquetball in three different gyms, and randomly met up with two friends at MDW on the connecting flight from OAK to BOS. Overall, a great success. Continue reading Spring Break 2010: Cali, AZ, UCB, and other adventures

The Original Premise of This Blog

As a rising senior at Boston University traveling the world and working in Australia, India, and Hong Kong, this blog served several purposes for me. It helped me reflect on short term successes. It helps me plan out my long term goals. It got started as a challenge to build a website. It has grown into much more. It motivated me to start a video blog. Among these things, it serves a place where I can go and publish my thoughts for whoever may be interested in reading them.